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I like to write when I have time and when I'm inspired. My writings usually have a sarcastic undertone to them, I can be quite verbose, and I like taking my frustrations and annoyances out via writing. I like to think I have a unique perspective, and I like to think my writing is at least somewhat interesting to read. However, do keep in mind that if you're a thin-skinned fellow, you're better off not reading too closely into my posts here, as I write for myself without much regard as to how others may agree or disagree. If you're following me, I'm flattered, and I thank you!
- Josephine
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Funny thing is, some people seem to think “trashy” and “classy” go together. Or they just have the two definitions skewed. Sometimes, I feel myself itching to flat out throw the truth at them, but where’s the fun in that? It’s more amusing to watch them strut through the halls and sidewalks, thinking they’re the crown jewel, while I’m busy hoping that they’ll trip on a crack on the ground and fall flat on their faces.

Fall flat on their faces…. literally and metaphorically! Get it?

Regardless of my ill-attempt at humor that no one understands (hey, people rarely catch my puns, and it’s no fun to have to explain them), I really wonder when these tweebs will understand that being the biggest (and whiniest) flirt in the world does not equate to classiness, even if they’re strutting around like a peacock in sky high heels. And don’t even get me started on those teeny tiny shorts and tight barely-there miniskirts. I always thought it was standard procedure to hide one’s vagina in public, but I suppose some people have no shame. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised.

And for the sake of everything that’s good, stop investing in flip flops. Flip flops will never be stylish. Those things are for the beach, or dorm bathrooms, or backyards, but never for the public (except for the beach).

Oh, and bitch, calling others a “bitch” for daring to disagree with you is slightly moronic. Actually, I take it back. It’s very moronic. It definitely would never fall under the category of “classy,” “stylish,” or “sophisticated.” It’s just plain nasty and trashy and, like I said, moronic. There are so many wonderful (and cleaner) vocabularies in the world that it’s just a shame if you don’t utilize them. And if you really HONESTLY can’t think of anything better to use than “bitch,” I’m afraid it’s time for you to reacquaint yourself with the dictionary. And thesaurus. Here’s a gift for you: www.barnesandnoble.com. Another option you can consider is enrolling in a speech and debate class. It really pains me to see that your sole debate skill is name calling. Pathetic, really.

I could go on and on, but I feel I might be hurting feelings by being so diabolical. When I was writing this, I wasn’t thinking of anyone in particular. But if you found yourself steadily boiling with anger as you were reading (before getting to this part), you should probably reconsider your values. Or your life in general.

Have a nice day! Keep on classyin’ it up!